Good Friday

This week was filled with fevers, rashes, cries, snuggles, and lots and lots of quiet rocks in the night. How appropriate that our Holy Week was spent in an almost constant state of rest and healing. Of course, that tends to leave me restless, itching to get out of the house to go and do. Instead, it was meant that I just be.

It seems this is the lesson my Lord has been trying to teach me as of late. Just be. Listen. Why is it that I hear Him best when I sit still in the quiet and the dark, with a weary heart open to His comfort and His voice? Sometimes I can be a bit stubborn and that is what it takes. My prayer is that this holy day may open my eyes and soul a little bit more to hear and notice God on a deeper level every day--to appreciate and understand more fully the sacrifice He made on this day so long ago, even for me and for you right here in this moment.

May we all find some time this evening to pause, be still, remember and listen...

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em said...

My prayer is also for Good Friday, but you said it so well.

May we all be open to how great His love is today.


Dennis Ouellette said...

Psalm 46. That's my prayer.

sara said...

Love you both and REALLY missed you on Easter. Next year, right?