The party post

If you haven't already read the post about how I totally goofed (that's SO not the word I would actually use) and forgot to document my child's third birthday party, you can catch up on that HERE. If you know, then you know. Instead of apologizing again and again, I will simply try and make amends through the use of responsible people around me. Thank you to all who held a camera in their hands and used it, posted pictures on facebook, sent them through email and even through snail mail. I am so very grateful.

And now, the story of the day my girl turned three...

Addie's birthday banner, made by myself, my mom and my sisters. Such time, love and effort went into this--it will hang above the mantle on her day every year for the rest of her life.

The entire week prior to Addie's birthday all meteorology people were predicting temperatures in the 40's with the potential for rain. Not exactly desirable weather conditions for any outside activity. I already planned to have crafts for the kids, but since outdoor play didn't look like any sort of possibility, I felt a lot of pressure to create fun projects.

Through research online we decided to do three things (listed in the order of difficulty): a color table with printed images of Oso characters and crayons, a party hat craft (Oso helped to make one on a certain birthday episode), and making Oso watches out of the center of a paper towel roll along with other fun stuffs.

A close-up of the watch table, complete with tempra painted bands, foam sheets to cut out circles for the faces, craft glue and puffy paint to draw on the watch faces.

We had one table set up for each craft with the idea that when it was time for cake we would clean off the activities so there would be plenty of space for the kids to sit and eat.

Addie making her mama super happy that she sat down to make an Oso watch at her party.

I am still learning to be thankful that we ended up with pretty decent weather that day: sunny and 50's, although it was also quite windy. No matter--I discovered that kids don't care about wind. They only care about running around, chasing after each other, kicking balls, climbing on stuff... the usual. We also have a groundhog that lives in the field behind our house and has a hole opening in the empty lot next door. He emerged at the start of the event (much to his chagrin) so all the kids were mesmerized by that hole, waiting for him to reappear for the rest of the afternoon.

Since there was much to do in the backyard, not many of our guests attempted to make any of the crafts we prepared for (I will refrain from sobbing). My mom reassured me that had the weather actually been miserable, those projects would have been our saving grace. Oh how I am clinging to that!

Some of the first kiddo's to arrive made watches. I love how they turned out!

A party princess crown or two was created as well.

And here's the hat Addie made earlier in the week, just to be sure the project was appropriate and interesting enough. She loved decorating it and wore it several times leading up to the day to remind us all whose birthday was on Saturday.

The most important thing was that everyone had a good time, especially the birthday girl. She loved, LOVED her cake and still talks about it. Seeing as she breaks out into the Happy Birthday song at random times on any given day, she was elated to have everyone sing it to her. She says "all my friends" came to her party (we  really do have the best). Everything and everyone came together to make it Oso special for her. Most definitely a success!

Best picture of the cake I could find. Thank you, Papaw!!!

The table was fully fitted with plush Oso holding matching balloons, along with a display of paw pilot cupcakes. Addie found it all to be quite fantastic.

Addie eating cake with her Memere.

My babe was so pooped after everything, she ended the party by retreating to Mommy & Daddy's room, perched on our bed with some chex mix and Sleeping Beauty videos on the iPhone.

Prior to poop-out-time, Addie had to try out some of her gifts. She was a fairy princess special agent birthday girl for a moment there. I'd say that's just about right. (Notice the Oso digi-medal around her neck. Each kid got one to wear throughout the party and take home...

...along with a goody bag filled with snacks and a matching balloon.)

And sweet Lena, she did what any little sister would do--totally disengage from it all. Yes, she slept through most of the event. I am so over my sister turning three. Wake me when something interesting happens. Really she seemed to love having everyone here, as the mood of the day was one filled with joy. Still, it's rather funny that she found a way to sleep through 30+ people trapsing through our smallish home, yet when noone is here and it's totally quiet, sleep is not a priority. Love that girl.

I saved the piece de resistance for last--a video my mom took of Addie, just before things got started, giving a short tour of the cake table and coloring station. It ends with Daddy trying to get the bubble machine to work. So happy to have this little snippet showing her sweet face and hearing her voice all aglow with excitement for her birthday.

Addie, my dear sweet three-year-old. You make every day a party!!! I love you whole world.


Lee Zuhars said...

love it all!! I'm glad she had a great day!!

Kerry said...

What a fabulous celebration! That Addie is one lucky girl! Such fun stuff... the watches, especially are adorable! I might make those with my kinders at school while we practice time!
Happy, Happy Birthday Addie!

Us said...

Wow! I'm super impressed by all the work you put into this party! I'm happy if I can get some food and balloons! You're a great mommy!!!!

sara said...

Thanks for the kind words, friends! When Addie woke up from her nap to see all that we had done in decorating the house she kept saying, "OH MY!! It's SO cute!" Worth every lost hour of sleep in that tiny little moment! Having said that, we are definitely going with something more simple next year.