Every morning is Easter morning...

Part 5: the family picture

Every year at Easter and Christmas, all dressed up in our Sunday best, I insist that we take a picture together. After we've gone to mass, sang the old favorite hymns, wished everyone we saw a Happy Easter (or Christmas)!!!  and lived up the true meaning of the day, we take a moment to document that it was all spent together. So far, this has only happened six times. And so far, there is not one shot of all of us smiling and looking at the camera together.

Normally I would say there is a part of me that finds this annoying. Really though, I think it's hilarious. I can see that some years down the road I will print out photos from every occasion and laugh my Mommy butt off at the pouts, the fingers cemented in the mouth, the half closed eyes--all of it. Those are the images of my family that I truly don't want to forget.

Because who wants that glossy, perfect family photo in front of a tree or Easter basket? We obviously don't.

Pictures with Papaw, however, are a totally different story. Apparently, just seconds after our little family shots were taken, my girls found their second wind. And they are just so darn cute together. See?

I wouldn't have it any other way... Neither would they.

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Kerry said...

You all look so lovely!