Our day so far

We woke very early to a sad, sick girl with a plugged nose. After some rest that included sleeping in with Daddy, she felt much better. Skyping with "Emie and Rip" did the final trick and left our Miss. energized for time in the crib with baby sister.
Their love for each other never ceases to warm my heart.
Mommy and Addie spent some quality time coloring...
Lena did some light reading...
Addie had her favorite lunch of strawberry Greek yogurt.
And tried on a summer scarf in preparation for the warm weather right around the corner.
She still has quite the runny nose, but we've all settled in for an afternoon nap. I'm planning on a warm blanket, a pile of books and perhaps a good movie to see us through the rest of the day--complete with oodles of snuggling.
Wednesday is turning out not to be so bad after all.

**all pics taken with iPhone and edited with Instagram


Us said...

Glad you turned a not so good day into a bearable one! Trying to do the same with poor Norah...who also has the goopy nose.

Baby By The Sea said...

I love your banner. Days with naps, snuggling and stories read aloud are often my favorite.