If you give a baby a dish towel...

Correction: If you give a baby BOY a dish towel...
He will whip himself in the face
wince, smile, and do it again
and again
and again

while bouncing
in a freshly soiled diaper
ensuring that all of his homemade goodness
is smushed up
into his little man bits.
Goodness, I love him.

Coming back

Two-and-a-half years ago I made a decision to step away from the world of blogging. I fully intended for that to be a very short hiatus, but (as it is in the world of young kiddo's) time flew by and here I am: still home with my babes, still looking for an outlet, still trying to find my way.

After years of sharing my life in this space, I somehow got this idea in my head that I needed to be a more professional writer. My blog had to have a specific mission and I had to have a clear vision for its future. I had to have a brand. Where this came from, I have no idea. Perhaps it was from a place inside that desperately wanted to have control  over something. Anything. Mommy Honesty seemed the perfect place to start.

But weeks quickly turned to months as I pushed MH off of my priority list, allowing other distractions to take over and leave me completely disconnected from writing altogether. I promised myself over and over that I would start again, but first I had to redesign the template, or first I had to at least write a few posts to get my sea legs under me. All of those ridiculous expectations and requirements have left me still longing for the one thing I loved in the first place... to write. 

Not anymore. I am sitting back down and taking a breath. I am starting over again. I am going to write. No expectations, no rules, no promises, just a start. So simple, taking a step. And yet somehow it feels like such a big deal.

A lot has changed in these last many months, but so much has stayed the same as well. I'm nervous and excited to explore my heart and share the journey, once again. I sure have missed it.