Crafty generations

I have never considered myself a "crafty" person. In my family growing up, I (the oldest) was the dancer--I took ballet for fourteen years and that was my thing. My middle sister was "the artsy one". She made sculptures out of the feather duster and was always creating new masterpieces. My youngest sister took art in high school and drew/painted a piece that was so beautiful it is now framed and hanging in my house. My mother is a whole other story--she will need an entire entry just for her talents alone! I picked up a few things here and there... I made hemp jewelry in high school and learned to crochet just after college. But I never had the urge to really make stuff

Then came a mommy surprise. After Addie was born, I got this itch that wouldn't quit. I suddenly needed to make her things--all kinds of things. I hadn't crocheted anything in years and I never fell totally in love with it, but knitting seemed very intriguing to me. I jumped onto knitting and within about an hour, I was working on my first piece. I took a class with a friend and as of right now, I'm working on piece # 5. 

This one is for my mom, so the pattern and finished product will have to remain a secret until it's done--stay tuned. Incidentally, I only made one item for Addie and it is hideous! Next on my list is a pair of little slippers for her to wear around the house for summer. 

Taking up knitting just wasn't enough for me so I also decided to learn to sew. My husband's mother passed away when he was very young, but his dad kept her sewing machine all these years. He gave it to me, along with the instruction manual, all of the accessories and her sewing kit. What a wonderful heirloom! It even had the thread all set up for me. Being new to sewing, I greatly appreciated this and also found such beauty in using the exact thread that my late mother-in-law used. My first (and to date, only) project was the Lazy Days Skirt from Oliver + S for my girl. 

It was a miracle that the thread on the machine matched the fabric perfectly. So Addie's first hand made skirt was a group effort... her aunt (my very talented sister) stood by me and guided me along the way, using the thread and machine from her Mamaw. Addie loves her new skirt and I can't wait to make more. Now, along with home made dresses, skirts and blankets, I fantasize about Addie and I making those things together... on a very special machine.   

In the way of life

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted--May turned out to be a lot busier than planned! I kept thinking to myself, "I need to get on my blog, but life just keeps getting in the way." Life keeps getting in the way... interesting. I have thoughts like that far too often. The things I really want to do end up on the bottom of my list and necessities creep their way up to the top. But is life really in the way or am I putting too many demands on myself that are getting in the way of life?

A few days ago, I took a break to catch up on reading Play is the Thing and was profoundly touched by Varenia's story and this Washington Post article she featured about child deaths due to hyperthermia. Deep breath. Tear. The most compelling thing about that article in particular is that it emphasizes how this tragedy happens to people when they get too stressed, too busy and they just forget about their child. It can happen to anyone. I am blessed that it has not yet happened to me.

In an effort to stay away from sounding preachy, I will stop here and only ask that you take the time to read the article linked above. I feel that it has truly changed my life and served as the wake-up call I needed after a very busy time. 

On a much lighter note, we had an incredible May and I look forward to sharing all that we've been up to very soon!