May found us...

Leaving the coziness of our living room to stretch, run, shriek and play outside. 

Trying on our new summer dresses, visiting the Farmers' Market every chance we got and soaking up this three-year-old girl in all her fabulousness.

Peeking out after all the storms to find beautiful scenes only God could paint.

Embarking on a new adventure of making strawberry jam.

Falling even more deeply in love, head over heels style, with this growing babe.

Fingering the velvety tips and deeply inhaling the soothing scent of our first lavender harvest.

Laughing and loving and drinking them in.

It seems that everyone I've spoken with in the past two days has shared the sentiment, "I can't believe it's June already!" Yes, how true--for some reason this year is flying by at warp speed. Spring flashed as quickly as the lightning we saw a little too much of, but it was also just as bright. And really, we still have a few weeks left of the season that brings along with it all things new.

Welcome June. What wonders will we find in you?


mary said...

Definitely looks like you're employing a different method to crush your strawberries for jam than I use. Gotta admit though, yours looks like way more fun!

Lee Zuhars said...

These pictures are so good. Your babies are growing so fast! Love this last picture where they are both smiling--you can totally feel the love.