Fallen, but not off the face of the earth

It sure has been a while, hasn't it? When I last posted about a week and a half ago, I had every intention of coming back every few days to give you some of our holiday tidbits here and there. Christmas morning rehashing, second celebrations with my extended family, New Year's Eve tales, all that business. Life had a different plan.

There haven't been any earth shattering events or sad happenings, but the last several weeks presented challenges that have in some respects stopped me in my tracks. I have a hard time knowing what to write when so much of that revolves around medical questions and I haven't decided the appropriate level for sharing just yet. 

Tests have been done, cancer has been ruled out and now we are just waiting for a real diagnosis so the speculation can end and the problem can be solved. We are still hopeful that the resolution will be noninvasive and swiftly dealt with. However, in the meantime I am still managing symptoms that give me anxiety along with the tail end of a nasty cold that has spread to my littlest babe.

I don't want to spend a lot of time going over how difficult the end of 2010 has been for us. In the midst of fear and chaos we have also enjoyed so many beautiful blessings, including the gift of time with our families. But in the quiet moments I have to myself (like the time I spend in this space), I find it hard to focus on narrating the lovely points when all that's in my brain is a big fat question mark.

So again I am asking for patience and prayers. I miss recording our lives and telling our stories so very much, but until I feel well, my commitment to you dear friends and readers must shift to less frequency. As someone who craves consistency and structure, this is a hard routine to let go of, but I know that it's necessary for now.

I hope to be back soon, bearing fantastic news. Until then, I wish you and yours a happy and healthy new year!


Sara said...

Thinking of you. xx

Anonymous said...

Sarah, please know I am praying for you as you deal with so much right now. Hopeing the outcome is something that can be easily taken care of so you can feel well and get back on your feet.
Be well and 2011 will get better:)

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Oh, Sara, I am glad cancer has been ruled out, but I am sending healthy vibes your way, that 2011 may be one of healing and happiness for you and your family.
Warmly, Nicola

Den Br├Ąckliga said...

Am thinking about you and your familiy, sending lots of love halfway around the world.

Katharine said...

I recently had a few weeks when I was not sure how to articulate what I was experiencing, and I found it hard to reach out because I had no way of explaining myself. I didn't know myself what I was doing, so how could I talk about it with anyone else? Anyway, these feelings of uncertainty, hope, fear, are sometimes really confusing and difficult. I am thinking of you and praying for you as you sit with these and care for yourself and your babies, and I so appreciate hearing your voice here and knowing you're okay.

tatobo said...

I am thinking of you and waiting for the good news!
loves from Turkey,

Jamie said...

praying for you!!