fair trade?

I can't believe I forgot to announce the biggest thing to happen to this family since... well, Lena's birth! Addie is now 100% fully potty trained. Yes, that's right--number one AND number two (most of the time). Over Thanksgiving travels at Papaw's house, she said she had to go potty and wanted Papaw to take her. Then as she sat on the potty she said, "I gotta poop." And then she did. No coercing or bribery, it just happened.

She then got a piece of gum as a reward and since then I have yet to clean out a pair of panties. I cannot tell you how much this has changed my life. I mean, this is big.

It's really funny how sometimes she wants privacy for this new business and sometimes she doesn't. She'll tell Daddy to go away when she's really getting down to it, but when I go and check on her she tells me to, "come on in." And then there's the occasion where she wants me there, but doesn't want me to look at her, and then I'm treated with this:

What a strategically placed shower curtain! Hilarious!

I just wish her peeing was currently as consistent. For instance, today we were laying in her bed reading stories before nap time. I hadn't put her pull-up on yet and she decided our book was way too interesting to take a break, so she peed right then and there. Mommy was not very happy. As I stripped her sheets she kept saying, "Sozzy, Mommy." Hmmm... Cute, but still gross.

I cleaned her up along with her bed, put on a pull-up and we went back to reading. Then, just as it was time to turn out the lights and go to sleep she said, "I gotta poop." Really? Or was this just a ploy to get out of a nap? Either way, it's best to try. It was a good thing I believed her because poop she did. Now why couldn't those two things have just happened simultaneously a few minutes earlier? I swear I'll never understand the logic of a two-year-old.

Now I'm left to ponder the conundrum: is it easier to wash out poopy undies or do a whole load of pee wash? I guess Addie doesn't have to do either so to her it doesn't matter. As far as I know no one goes off to college almost potty trained so eventually she'll realize that all things excrement are better left in the porcelain bowl. Until then, I'm living the saying, life's a trade-off. Pee sheets, here I come. 

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katharine.hahn said...

Congratulations on the potty training!