The wonder of a blanket tent

This morning I had my annual exam where I got to go and put my feet in the stirrups and such. The silver lining was having a few moments in a car all by myself and seeing my beloved midwife again. Seriously. Love her. When I came home, Addie ran up to me and said, "Look, Mommy! Daddy make a house! Wanna come in?"

I love that she thought I could actually fit in there with her. Daddy was pretty much beaming with pride over his fantastic construction job and the furnishings inside. Just what does an Addie house need?

A car with a mommy, baby and stroller, a CD player equipped with Taylor Swift's latest, a flashlight and an Aquadoodle pad. Of course. Well done, Daddy.

This warmed my heart and reminded me of the fun blanket tents my sisters and I used to make as kids. Under the bunk bed or with the slide on the swing set outside, something about those little troves was absolutely magical. A tiny little space that felt secret and private. A place to put just a few special things--only the essentials--a childhood list of what you'd take to a desert island.

It makes me want to create a new, modern blanket tent of my own. I would fill it with pillows, this month's Real Simple magazine, the sweater I still haven't finished knitting for Lena, a hot cup of cider and Andrea Bocelli's Christmas album.

What would your blanket tent need?


Kate said...

- a cup of pemmermint hot chocolate
- several cozy pillows and fleece blankets
- a plate of homemade Christmas cookies
- the Christmas Mix on my ipod
- my jewelry-making supplies

I'd love to hole up for a few days in a hideout like that!

Donna said...

So glad I clicked on Shawna's link to this. I've not only built these for myself but I've built them for my kids. OVer the years it was first blankets over a clothesline in the yard with a couple of cousins and our Barbie dolls. As I got older it became a cavelike space under the branches of a pine tree, carpeted with the soft brown needles of pine, shared with a first boyfriend where we held hands and talked. A few years more and it was an old storage building decked out with a foldaway bed, stereo, mini fridge, black lite posters and my books. Nowadays it would have my books, my music and food, lol. Great blog.

Lee Zuhars said...

I loved the tents too! Right now I would have blankets, pillows, knitting projects (more than one of course), a book about knitting and some yummy snacks!

katharine.hahn said...

My blanket tent would be dark green, and I would have a miniature Christmas tree (with all different colored lights), a journal, a novel, and my cats, along with a pillow and throw blankets. Also, I imagine the smell of cookies baking.

I love this post! What a fun childhood memory and fantastic idea for me to dream about.