February 28: I love...

Of course I couldn't finish out this series without a shout out to my oldest babe, my Addie. This girl wows me with her intelligence, her humor and her sweet demeanor every single day. 

With her fake burps at the table followed by a sly smile and an "Oh, excuse me!"
(our family spaghetti Valentine's Day dinner)

Or her hugging me so tight when I offer to get a bowl of popcorn saying,
"Mommy I love eating popcorn with you. That's so helpful!"
(outside during our gorgeous snow storm a few weeks ago--
it was still pretty warm out and the snow flakes were HUGE!)

And the way she puts Lena's pacifier back in her mouth when she fusses with a comforting,
"There you go, Lena. It's OK Sweetie."
(one of our many attempts at a Christmas Eve photo) 

Really there are probably about 100 times a day just like those when I feel this incredible burst of energy from my heart directed right at her and those gorgeous green eyes. In just a few short weeks, this girl of mine will be three years old. Three. My goodness.
It feels like only yesterday she was my tiny little bug...
Love, love, LOVE you Adrienne Ann!

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Kerry said...

Forgive me for being more of a lurker than a commenter lately. I love this post. Your girls are so lucky to have you as their mama! Thanks for joining in I Love...