That book again

After a brief haitus from baking my own bread, I decided to go at it again with a new recipe from my favorite bread baking book. Yes, the Oh how I love Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day rants are back! (I put a link in my sidebar if you are interested in having a deeper look for yourself. Hopefully I'll be adding some more faves in the next few days as well.)

This time I made the Pumpkin Pie Brioche dough and used it to create these lovelies on Saturday morning.

That's right--donuts, baby! Indian Spiced Whole Grain Doughnuts, to be exact. LOVE.

I would have taken pics of us devouring these fantastic treats, but I had way too much sugary goodness on my hands to even think about touching our camera. Just trust me. They are good.


Kerry said...

Oh wow! I am starving now! Thanks a lot! I just got some pictures of a bridemaid's dress that I have to wear in May and you're tempting me with doughnuts?! Mean, mean one! (Actually, as soon as I make it through my brother's wedding I might take a road trip down to see you and you can make me some!)

sara said...

I love that plan!!!