Is this a test?

For some reason, I have had quite a challenging last few days home with the kiddo's. When one child constantly wants to be held, the other can't seem to get enough attention and acts out. These behaviors only feed each other and the result is a mommy that has had very little time to herself and is about to lose her mind.

Two nights ago I fell asleep with Addie while laying in her bed trying to get her down for the night. Last night Curt and I both cashed in early after a late trip out to buy essential groceries and a super hectic afternoon. Just to give you a taste, here is an exchange I had with Addie yesterday evening:

Addie: I want a taco.

Me: Well I'm changing Lena's diaper right now so you'll have to wait.

Addie: Mommy, I want a taco now.

Me: Addie, I have poop on my hands so if I get you a taco right now there will be poop all over it. Do you want to eat poop?

Addie: No.

Me: Alright, then.

(a few seconds pass)

Addie: Mommy, I want a taco.

Seriously, I did not change one word of that conversation. What these days have taught me is that I shouldn't be posting promises on this blog, as it seems I can rarely keep them. I said there would be pictures of Addie in her Halloween costume posted yesterday, but I couldn't get my butt to this computer to save my life or that of my littles. So here is my apology and her photograph. A day late and however many dollars short.  

Even though this was perhaps the cheapest costume ever created, she still managed to make it look cute. Next year, barring all potential disaster, I'm going homemade. No promises...


Lee Zuhars said... her heart and yours too!!

Kerry said...

Seriously cute! Hang in the mama!

sara said...

Somehow we made it throught. Oh what our exchanges will look like when she's a teenager...