Waited too long

The girls and I are enjoying some time these next few days at my parents' house. They are currently still at work and I am working it out at home with my littles while I wait for them to return. I finally sat down to write a lil' something for today, but it seems that I didn't crank it out fast enough. I spent too much time catching up on some of my favorite blogs that I hadn't visited in a while. Oops. Now I'm being summoned by my little non-napper. (Screaming from the office/guest room, "Moooommmmy--I love you!!!!" Alright kiddo, you got me.

So, won't you take this time to do the same and scroll down to see my favorite reads? There are some goodies out there, I promise. Of course, this one, this one and this one are at the absolute top of my list. Enjoy your halloween weekend--pictures of my "Horton" will be posted on Monday. ;)

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