Lena's room

Before Addie was born, we worked for months on her nursery. We painted, picked out bedding and curtains, searched for furniture, the whole shebang. Of course with baby #2, we were a bit more laid back. We decided Lena would have the same furniture and I eventually gave into using the same bedding as well. After a lot of "discussion" we determined that we wouldn't paint her room and just leave it a neutral color. I have all the materials to make some curtains, but that project is still on the to-do list. (The plan is for the girls to eventually share a room, so this is just Lena's temporary home until she shacks up with her big sister.)

Is Lena getting the short end of the stick? At first you might say, yes. However, I have yet to reveal the piece de resistance. My sister purchased the most gorgeous prints from Sarah Jane Studios to grace the wall above Lena's crib. To say I love them would be an understatement.

So cute and simple and perfect. Just like our girl.

I think when the day comes for Addie and Lena to bunk up together, we might need to add this to the collection.

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