Clean up?

I took this picture the first time I tried cooking after Lena was born. It went well, despite the lovely mess in my kitchen. But truly, aren't messes sometimes necessary? Dinner never would have been made without this one.

This afternoon I walked out of Addie's room after getting her down for a nap to see these spots 'o mess in our living room. Part of me wants to jump right in and clean it all up so I can enjoy some quiet time in our house and know that all is nice and tidy.

But then I stop and think that while these may look like messes, they are really piles of life and prove that we had a darn good time this morning... cutting out pumpkins, talking about the color purple, putting on costume jewelry... And I decided to just leave it. When Addie wakes up, we will grab a bowl of popcorn and pick up right where we left off; until it's time to make dinner.


Kate said...

seeing these messes and thinking of the precious little hands that made them warms my heart :-)

thanks for sharing these sweet pictures and sweeter thoughts. Love.

sara said...

love you too and wishing you were here to help make these messes.... and clean them up. :)