Quick update

So I think I have earned the title of Lazy McSlackington when it comes to writing... but not in other areas, that's for sure! I am in the process of leaving my full time job to stay home with my lovely girl for a while. I haven't yet shared much about my work, but I have been in the very unique position of being able to bring Addie to the office with me ever since I came back from maternity leave just over one year ago. It was only for a few days a week, but as she has grown older, it has become more and more of a challenge. I wouldn't change anything about that and feel so blessed to have had the best of both worlds in so many ways. I have also had such a roller coaster in the role of a working mom and look forward to sharing more of what that experience was like for me and our family in the coming months. Here are a few photos of me and my girl working away... Be back soon!

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