Something new

For some reason, I decided it was time to shake things up a bit and totally redesign this space.
Maybe it's because this little love is one month old today...

How did that happen so fast?

At least here, I have the illusion of total control over when and how things change. I'm not sure if I love what I've done just yet, but I'll take some time to settle in and see how it feels. In the meantime I am working on writing Lena's birth story, so I apologize in advance for the short posts this week.
Hopefully it will be worth it!


Us said...

I like the space for bigger pics!!!

Can't believe it's already been a month! She looks great!

Lee Zuhars said...

oh my goodness!! I could just literally eat her up! she is too much!!

sara said...

You two are too sweet. She is cute though, isn't she?