Belated recipe

The night before the night before I went into labor, I thought I was going into labor and needed something to occupy my time. (Did you follow all that? Good.) Some women start a craft project, some women watch TV, I made stuffed peppers. They were delish!

Our fantastic neighbors gifted us with around 20 mini sweet red peppers and I racked my brain for what to do with them. One day it finally hit me--goat cheese. They needed to be swollen up, stuffed with goat cheese and roasted so the insides would melt away in your mouth.

So that's ecaxtly what I did. I combined the cheese with chopped green onion to fill those lovely peppers. Next, I dipped my red bites of heaven in buttermilk and then Panko mixed with salt, pepper and dried oregano (from our garden). I put them in a 350 degree oven for 30 - 45 minutes, until the outside was golden brown.

Oh. My. Goodness. Crunchy outside, soft and melty inside--the perfect combination of textures. Really, it was heaven--an excellent treat as we waited for Lena to arrive. And it worked! She came out less than 48 hours later. Double score.


Ginny said...

Those sound incredibly good!

sara said...

They were, but now I can't find tiny peppers anymore!