Total amateur

Yesterday was a day that shifted straight into the crazies by the afternoon--I was left just trying to make it through and had at least three moments as I was trying to soothe my fussy infant while attempting to manage the hyper 5 o'clock hour of my two-year-old when I thought, "Is this really my life?"

Yes, it is my life. And as horrible as yesterday felt, today feels so much better. Thank God. Lena still has some tough times dealing with gas and Addie definitely has her moments, but so far today is not kicking my new-mom-of-two butt. Today doesn't feel like I'm floating in survival mode... yet.

But really, I have to admit that my mood is most lifted by the fact that I am finally able to download pictures from our camera to the computer. Long story short (plus, I don't even understand the story because my computer knowledge is that of... well... let's just say I'm basically one step above Addie in that category), our laptop had some issues and everything had to be wiped and reinstalled. My photo software apparently has been at the bottom of the list.

But today I tried again and TA-DAA!!! It worked!

Now, onto the good stuff. Over Labor Day weekend when my sister Kate was here, we attempted to take some fancy photos of the girls. We put together a makeshift studio in my bedroom where the lighting was just perfect. I took what seemed like hundreds of pictures and only came out with a few that I loved. Hopefully I'll get to do some editing and the list of fabulous photos will grow.

For now, I will leave you with a few of my favorites in their raw form...

Curt was giving me a hard time that I captured Lena's furriness in this picture. While it may not be very lady like, I LOVE her fur. It will fall off any day now and I desperately want to remember it. 
Nothing in this world could make me happier...

I want to kiss her chin forever!

Sleep, sweet angel...
(OK, I touched that one up just a bit.)

I certainly have a LOT to learn about photography, but this is a start. Hopefully I can become closer friends with our camera's instruction manual and the next sets will get better and better.

**Thanks, Aunt Kate for all of your help! None of these would have been possible without you!


mary said...

Beautiful pictures! That's what I love about digital photography. You can take tons of pictures and only keep or pay for prints of the ones you love.

Jamie said...

congrats on that sweet little girl! great photos...what a fun way to remember the girls, not just them together but the time and effort YOU took into TAKING the photos yourself! If you ever want some help with editing let me know...I love to do it!

sara said...

Oh thank you! Jamie, I may take you up on that. I just discovered the magic that is Picnik yesterday so I'm really excited to see what I can do with these!