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My favorite thing about having two girls is that I have two girls: sisters, friends. And friends they seem to be already. I can't get over how much they love each other, even only after seven short months. Addie adores hearing Lena laugh when she "tickles" her belly (really, she's just moving her hands around and making an odd noise, but Lena seems to think it's hilarious). I hear that happen at least three times a day. And then Addie shouts, "Look, Mommy! I givin' Lena tickles! Deedullldeedulldeedulldeedulldeeeeeee!!!"

Just this afternoon, Lena was fussing in my arms as I was talking to a friend outside, and all of a sudden Addie was next to me holding Lena's pacifier. "Here ya go, Lena." She noticed that Lena needed it all on her own, and went to get it for her. **love**

Oh, and Miss. Lena can't get enough of her big sister either. When Addie gets a super burst of energy and runs around the house or the yard, Lena has the biggest grin on her face and follows her every move with her whole head. Then I get all swoony and googly-eyed over watching Lena watching Addie... A viciously delightful cycle.

For the most part, they truly adore being near one another and that warms my heart so much more than I can say. These are the dreams I began having ever since the results of Lena's ultrasound told us we would have a second girl. Even though I know it probably won't be like this their entire lives (or at least while they go through puberty and maybe even high school), I pray that they cling to one another and can always rest in the knowledge that they have each other... for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish, tell secrets to, play dress up with, talk to about boys, complain about Mom and Dad, to cry with, to do silly things together and laugh for no reason, to stand next to at their weddings...

Oh yeah. My girls. You do have each other, and so far you seem to know it, which means you've got it good.

...and so do I.  

Speaking of which, I'm going to steal away with them for a little sister time of my own. See you on Friday--bring your prayers!

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Lee Zuhars said...

I love this! This is so sweet!!