What the very pregnant woman wore last week

It seems like every day I have to fight the urge to write a post about how I'm still pregnant and dying for this baby to come out. Sometimes I have moments when I want her to stay right where she is (like when Addie's having an exceptional number of tantrums), but for the most part, I feel ready. Very ready.

Thank heaven for What I Wore Wednesdays. They are helping me stay focused on something else, which is a rather difficult task at this point. I even remembered to take more than one picture this week. Woo hoo!

For a trip to Whole Foods:
Dolce Gabbana knockoff sunglasses
White maternity tank top and sports bra: Target
Lightweight cargo roll up maternity capris: Motherhood Maternity Outlet
Black flip flops: super old J. Crew (like back in the days when the bottoms were really soft and comfy)

During this trip out I realized that my brain is truly no longer fully functioning. The guy who was ringing us up said, "Are you trying to steal a watermelon from me?" I uttered a frustrated sigh and looked in our cart thinking, How in the hell did Addie manage to get a watermelon in here without my knowing it? Then the poor guy pointed at my stomach and whispered, "Your belly." Oh. Well aren't you clever?

For a very important five-year-old's birthday party:
Ridiculously comfortable maternity dress: Old Navy
$10 Target special sandals

And today, for a MOMs meeting at church and lunch out with Daddy:
Green hat: Target (When I saw this hat I thought, CUTE! When my husband first saw me in this hat he called me Che... As in Guevara. What a weirdo.)
Cheap non-silver hoop earrings
Again with the necklace
Another Old Navy Maternity dress
Yet another pair of $10 Target special sandals (Really, at that price why not have more than one color?)

If you love looking at what other people wear as much as I do, go on over to The Pleated Poppy to see what others are sporting this summer.


the pleated poppy said...

oh my goodness! you are so cute - you look amazing!

Amanda Taborga said...

You look great! A little jealous of the belly, gotta say!

Paige said...

You look great!!!! I love the outfits!!!!

Kate said...

Sara, I just stared at that second pic, marveling at how beautiful you look! Can't wait to see you in less than 24 hours!!!