Character sightings

In preparation for our Disney trip, we spent months getting Addie acclimated to Mickey Mouse. We read books, we watched videos, we talked and talked about Mickey and how we would very soon get to meet him. Addie seemed to grasp the concept and whenever we told her we were going to see Mickey, her eyes would light up and she would open her mouth and gasp in a deep breath in excitement. Even the night before our character breakfast, we had a little bedtime chat and Addie seemed so ready to meet the face of Disney.

We made it to the breakfast and while Addie was enjoying her plate of fruit and Mickey Mouse shaped waffles, none other than the real Mickey came up behind her. This was the moment we had been waiting for. This was going to make all of our saving and preparing worth it...

Mmmm... not so much.
We tried our best to comfort her after that incident, and while she did manage to warm up to some of the characters, she wanted to stay about an arm's length away from them at all times.

 Eventually, we got to the point where Addie gave a few high fives and blew some kisses.

I have to say, Pluto won the award for taking the most time with Addie and trying the hardest to get her to relax and feel comfortable around him. Good dog.


Dennis said...

Addie did well with Pluto because of her time around Eddie. So you have us and Eddie to thank for that!!!!

sara said...

Quite possibly true! I think I also felt a strong connection with Pluto due to the old Doogan doll... They could have been twins!

Dilly said...

Having done time inside big-head characters, I hafta concur: the less "person-like" your costume, the better reception you receive. Also true for the less dressed you are - which is weird. I guess when you're not wearing a shirt, you seem more like a stuffed animal come-to-life rather than some creepy, giant-faced person.

As Cat-in-the-Hat, I mostly posed for pictures & got high-fived. All he wears is a tophat & bowtie but it made a difference as he was met with more terror than Curious George. Kids LOVED George. Oddly enough, adults respected him less. I got wacked in the face a lot more as George. Go figure!

Lovin' your blog, coz. <3

sara said...

So interesting... Who knew there was almost a science for character costumes? Bless you for doing that, my dear. I'm sure you were one of the greats!