Every morning is Easter morning...

Part 2: the dying of the eggs

(also known as: the activity that almost wasn't)

I hate doing things last minute. If you fail to plan you should plan to fail. I have heard that saying many times and I love it so much I should stencil it on my walls. This Easter, however, last minute was the name of our game. Even though I was so into Lent this year, I seemed to lose the forest for the trees, if you know what I'm saying. I was too busy lamenting on the sacrifice of Our Lord, I forgot about the joy waiting just around the corner.

Enter four days before Easter and me wandering around Target at 10:30 PM. Easter baskets? What??? If I hadn't trudged down the aisle with the already picked through egg dying kits, this little post would never have existed. Oh yeah, that's what you're supposed to do with your kids the day before Easter, or if you're really good, on Palm Sunday.

So I bought the kit. Then Papaw called me from the grocery store on Friday morning to ask if we needed anything. I told him, "Nope, I think we're good." Uh, HELLO!!! We get there late Friday evening and it finally occurred to me that we need some eggs for this task. Good grief.

Saturday evening, right around dinner time, Addie and I traipsed down the street to the grocery store to pick up some eggs. While she took a bath I boiled them, then stuck them in the freezer to cool off. After Lena was in bed, we just barely made it. Phew!

I could try and be cool and say that I planned it that way the entire time. Who knows--perhaps it will end up as our Easter tradition. Maybe Addie will remember dying eggs the night before Easter and she'll love how connected it all was. A last minute Mama can only hope.


Lee Zuhars said...

aawww, she looks like she loved every minute of it!

sara said...

She really did, which actually kind of surprised me. Next year, I'm getting more than 1/2 dozen eggs!