Every morning is Easter morning...

Part 3: the baskets

I am about to make a huge confession/disclaimer... We only gave Addie one gift on her birthday. It was the big one--the easel, but after her party and the overwhelming generosity of all our friends, we decided to save the rest of her loot for Easter instead. I think it was a good decision. However, this meant that her Easter morning was a little bigger than usual, and a little more princess themed than I would normally desire. I'm sure there's some way we could swing that to make it appropriate for the day--Risen Jesus is our King so that makes Addie a princess? I may have to work on that one for a while.

The fact that Christmas and Easter have the biggest reveal moments first thing in the morning perplexes me. Maybe there are kids out there who hop to it right out of bed. Mine might eventually, but for now they do not. Even with a pile of gifts waiting for them, they are groggy eyed with fantastic bed hair, desperately trying to soak it in and figure out what in the heck is going on.

Even though their initial reaction left something to be desired, after a few minutes of coming to and realizing that these presents were for them, excitement ensued and all was well.

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Us said...

That bed head really is fantastic. And I just realized how much Lena looks like Curt. She's a cutie!!!