Giving thanks

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and like so many of you, I am filled with thoughts of all that I have to be thankful for this year. In so many ways, I feel like I have shared many of those blessings with you in this space and simply put, they seem to all boil down to five f's: faith, family, friends, fun and food.

Today I want to focus on one person that I am incredibly thankful for: my mom. A few weeks ago, I had the intention of giving her public props for all of her crafting abilities. I still want to brag on her a bit, but I also want to say that my mother has done so much more than develop an unbelievable variety of skills and create numerous works of art. She has been an incredible mother and has taught me what it means to be truly selfless and nurturing.

I will never forget the epiphany I had when Curt and I were trying to get pregnant. I wanted to have a baby so badly and all of a sudden it hit me--I don't think I ever made an effort to try and understand how much my mom really loves me. In that moment, I wanted to curl up on the floor and cry because during that time of desperately wanting to have a child, finally I felt like I knew. All of these years I had taken my mom's love for granted and never stopped to think about what that meant in my life.

Over the phone and through my tears, I attempted to thank her for all that she has done. But really, how could I? No words would ever be enough to express my gratitude. Once I had Addie it sunk in even more. With her in my arms and Mom looking with pride over my shoulder, I felt this indescribable connection that has only grown stronger since Addie has been alive. Any and all of the dedication I have for my girl has come from one place, from the greatest teacher I could ever ask for. In everything I give and give up for Addie, it only increases all of the appreciation I have for my mom.

I don't think you have to be a mother to truly understand a mother's love. For me, that's what it took. I am so grateful I had the wake-up call that I did to deeply realize how impacted I am by my mom and what she means to me. I am beyond grateful for the relationship my mother and I have and that we have been blessed to become friends. I am joyous that I will be able to hug her on Thanksgiving and share in the happiness of being a family. And I can't wait to eat her food!

I wish all of you a holiday filled with warm reflections on what there is to be thankful for in your lives.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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