What a weekend

The past few days were filled with really high highs and some low lows. Friday afternoon didn't exactly turn out as planned, but we had a really great time, nonetheless. We made it to our parish "Trunk or Treat" and Aunt Em shared Addie's costume.

Then on Saturday, everyone helped to can homemade apple butter. It was my first canning project and it was definitely an adventure! The canner I had wasn't made for glass cooktops so we had to use the gas burner attachment on the grill outside to seal the lids. It worked great, but it was quite a process. How many people does it take to can fourteen 4 oz. jars of apple butter? As it turns out, three! (Aunt Em gets a very honorable mention for keeping Addie occupied throughout the operation.)

We went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and I was reminded just how much I love where we live. It was really nice to see so many families out with young kids, enjoying a perfect chilly fall evening with adorable characters holding our hands.

Sunday, the wind shifted a bit and Addie had a rough day. She had some serious meltdowns and incidents of hitting me in the face. No, no, no. Incidently, while Addie was throwing a mega-fit in her crib, screaming, crying and yelling for "Mommy," I was in my room crying and trying to reach my mom on her cell phone. At the time, not so funny, but now I find incredible humor in her and I doing pretty much the exact same thing at the same time, even if it was for different reasons.

The weekend ended on a very high note, with a drive to Louisville to pick up my grandma, who is staying with us for the week. After dinner at Lynn's Paradise Cafe, we enjoyed a quiet car ride home as Ms. Addie finally slept most of the way.

I can't say how much I am looking forward to all of the time we will get to spend with my Sweetie and Addie's Gi-Gi, seeing them bond in a way they haven't been able to before. I will count this week among one of the many perks of staying home. The magic is already beginning...


Kate said...

I am now sitting at my desk at work with tears in my eyes after seeing those two pictures of Addie and Sweetie. SO precious and absolutely priceless! Addie will treasure those pictures forever :-)

sara said...

I know! They are having such fun together and I am having a blast watching them bond. I managed to get a video of their story time this morning. Can't wait to show you!