I need a minute

It finally arrived. My sister and her love are headed off to have the adventure of their lives... Well, Thursday they leave the country, but today they left me. I know I have been so spoiled to have one of my very best friends living so close by. I have completely taken for granted that I can call or send a text message any time of day and nearly always find her. With one sister already living 760 miles from here, watching this one walk out the door to move two days worth of travel away, was really very hard.  

Rationally, I know this is not a big deal. We are in a globalized world and we will be in contact just as frequently as we've always been, just in different ways. She is coming back to be here for the birth of her niece in just a few months. (Crap, I'm having a baby in a few months!!!) This is not permanent. She is not dying. This does not have to be dramatic. Except that it does.

I held it together really well for the actual goodbye. I gave my hugs, blurted out my unconvincing words of encouragement and "It'll be fine's...", smiled, waved, watched them walk to the car and closed the door. Just when I thought I was free and clear of a total breakdown, my face contorted and the tears started flowing. Dammit.

That is where I am today, right here, in this moment. Sad. Feeling that knot in the pit of my stomach, homesick feeling. I just need a minute to feel that feeling, let it wash over me, acknowledge it, allow it to run its course and then I can move on. Then I can remember that we had one of the best weekend ever and that just because we won't see them as often doesn't mean that even better times aren't just around the corner. (Do I sound convincing? Yeah, I don't quite believe me yet either.) 

Em, I hope you are ready to have the most amazing time of your life. Get ready to eat fresh foods, run new trails, minister to bright faces, kill really big bugs, meet inspiring people, find a new way and discover... Take more pictures than you need to, record videos of everything, write, write, write... Sew, sew, sew... You have so much love following you and waiting for you at home. We are here, praying for you, flying on your coattails, living vicariously through your courage and your light.

Nathan, oh my goodness, your brain is getting ready to be so full! (I can only imagine that Med. School is The Melting Pot's Big Night Out for your mind.) I am so proud of you and am blessed to call you my brother. This is what you have always been called to do. Study hard, learn all you can, do your best to enjoy this time of just being a student. Don't forget to take breaks and experience all things local. We are cheering you on and have nothing but the greatest confidence in you.

Most of all, take care of each other.
Love, love, love you!

If you are wondering what in the heck I'm talking about, take a moment to check out Em & Nathan's blog about the adventures of attending Ross University Medical School in Dominica. They're just getting started, but as of Thursday the journey begins. Stay tuned. It's gonna be good.  


Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Huge huge hugs. Being left (behind) no matter the rationalization, is an awful feeling.

Kate said...

While I really wish I could have spent one more weekend with Em and Nathan before they left, I'm kind of relieved that I didn't have to say goodbye in person. My goodbye with you, Em, and Addie at the Omaha airport was hard enough. ;-) Take your moment, have a few good, deep breaths, and remember how fast time flies (especially when there's a new baby to take care of and enjoy!) and before we all know it they'll be home :-) ( I sound convincing?)

sara said...

Thank you Nicola for your hugs. I am feeling them today!

Kate, we wish you could have been here. It was a fun couple of days, but they flew by way too fast. I'm still a little teary today, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how their story will unfold. And it's a great excuse to drown my sorrows in homemade bread! :) love to you...