My Christmas presents

A few weeks ago, Curt asked me what I wanted for Christmas. He had seen my wish list and still wanted to know more, so I decided to spend some time searching Etsy and see what I could come up with. Oh mercy, that place is dangerous. I found and fell in love with way too much, but I managed to narrow it down to two shops and a few items.

Yesterday he came home with a piece of mail that had stamps from Greece all over it and I just about hit the ceiling. The pieces came beautifully wrapped (this was not indicated in the shop, so an extra bonus there) and are so adorable, I almost want to leave them in their tiny boxes... Almost.

In case you can't see it, that's Thalassa Jewelry and I love their pieces, especially the flower cups. So simple, yet so lovely. And the fact that the jewelry comes all the way from Greece makes it seem extra special and unique. I feel like a kid itching for that magical day to get here already--a bowl of hot soup, evening Mass, time with friends, opening presents, then Christmas Morning. Only one week away!

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