One step forward, two steps back

Good news: morning sickness is slowly fading away. Now I can eat chicken and think about chicken without feeling like I am about to become violently ill. I still can't cook it just yet, but that's what rotisserie chickens are for, right? Hopefully, in another week or so, I should be back to normal... whatever that means.

Bad news: this dreaded cold/bug/most unwanted guest ever is refusing to relent. We thought we were pretty much over it and then yesterday it came back in a nasty way. The funny thing is that Addie seems to be unscathed for now. Curt and I are walking around sniffling and coughing and looking like zombies in general while Addie is wreaking all sorts of havoc... Oh, is that yogurt smeared on my curtains? Yes. Yes it is.

In the meantime, here are some moments of Valentines Day ventures...

This is what happens when Daddy lets Miss. Curious play with a tub of Eucerin without completely paying attention.

And this is what happens when Mommy lets the frosting queen decorate cookies while paying complete attention... Interestingly enough, it's much of the same result.

Sure, this Valentines Day was a little different that those of years past. It's a whole new scene to put together something special for a 22 month-old rather than putting on our sexy best and heading out for a nice dinner. But really, what five star restaurant serves heart shaped cookies with pink icing and red sugar sprinkles? That's right. I think we'll stick with what we've got!

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