A few inches of fun

Yesterday we finally made it outside to enjoy the several inches of snow we were blessed with last week. (Yes, I am actively working on a change of perspective here!) We were only out for a little while, as Addie's cheeks and fingers grew bright pink very quickly--it was so much fun to watch her go.

Her first time out in the snow to just run and play was a success! She kept picking up handfuls and throwing it in the air, exclaiming, "SNOW!!!" Adorable.

And of course, there was lots of fun with Daddy.

The temperature will be back in the 40's by the end of the week so all of the magic will soon be gone. All reports indicate we are due for another 1/2 inch or so tonight and every little bit helps. So until the big melt we will take what we can get and love every minute of the beauty that is a blanket of white.


TRO said...

There's my little Svenska Barn! or Mon Petit Chou Canadienne!

sara said...

She did love it and did not want to come inside. Next year, I think we may have to invest in a show suit... but the real question is how often will she get to wear it?

Jamie said...

make a snowman for us!!!

sara said...

I will say that we tried--the snow was so powdery we couldn't get it to stick together enough for even a few snowballs! I'm holding out for next year, though!