Biggest fan

Saturday we were so excited to have Addie's godparents and their boys over for a long overdue visit. We always enjoy our time with them and that has grown exponentially as our families have gotten bigger. Their oldest is nearly five and their youngest is three months younger than our girl. The three of them together warms my heart and watching them play is wildly entertaining.

My favorite part about seeing our families combine is how much Addie is in love with her big cousin, Adam. Ever since she has been old enough to notice, she took to him in a way I have never seen. Truly, I believe she views him as the big brother she will never have. She hugs him incessantly and bless his heart, he doesn't seem to mind at all. In fact, I think he grew to like being so adored. By the end of the day, he was calling her, "Ad" and we parents couldn't help but giggle.

Little Miss. was so excited to be with her best friend that she even posed for pictures, which is a true rarity these days.

During a little R & R session, Addie took the time to brush Adam's hair. 

Sweet, independent Ryan gets to admire his big brother all the time and was more content to hang by himself for the day than join the I heart Adam fan club... Of which, Addie is surely the president! 

That is, until our ring leader got ahold of a bowl of Dorrito crumbs. Nothing is funnier than seeing a group of kids who normally aren't allowed to eat undisclosed amounts of chips find a stash just for them. 

After the troops headed home, I think we could have drawn straws to see which one of us was more tired. Addie put up an Oscar worthy protest at bedtime that left us more drained than should be humanly possible. How did we cope? Curt with a glass of bourbon (oh so jealous) and me with another box of Girl Scout Cookies (I promise, I didn't eat the whole thing). All in all, totally worth it and we can't wait to do it again. 

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