Fun with Aunts

As much as I love my sisters, I think Addie might love them even more. If she can't have Mommy, they come in second as the women to whom she wants to be the closest. We've had a few bumps along the way on this trip--trouble with our seats on one of the flights, a nasty allergy attack that left Addie with swollen eyes and fluids leaking out every corner of her face... But through it all I had my girls with me to help me out and lift the spirits of my sick babe.

It turns out that no matter how miserable Addie may have felt, as long as she had her Emie and her Kate, she didn't seem to mind the endless stream of tears and snot that plagued our first days here. And really, how can you blame her when there was so much fun to be had?

We stuck to the house for most of the first day and a half to make sure Addie had time to rest and feel better. Once she was up and at 'em, we ventured out to one of her favorite spots ever--the zoo. More on that tomorrow...

Very important side note: We emailed Addie's pediatrician Sunday morning when I realized her allergies were getting worse and not better. He got back to me within a few hours with a recommendation and today she has been infinitely better. Thank you so much, Dr. Feddock! We love you!!!  

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