My bedside table

Here is what my bedside table looks like right now. I was drawn into my room because as you can see from all of the lights on the monitor, my girl was wide awake during what was supposed to be her nap time. She was chatting and whooping and having a glorious time, all within the confines of her crib. I love those sounds.

As much as I wish she would settle down and get some rest, I suppose I can't blame her. I'm notorious for getting into bed long before I'm actually ready to go to sleep. But when I have such a stack of compelling reading material, along with a crooked lamp shade, a bottle of lavender linen spray and some bright red nail polish, can you blame me?

I tell you, it makes me want to curl up in there right now, in the middle of the afternoon, and just be. Maybe I will. What's on your bedside table?


Carmen said...

Books. Too many bottles of perfume. Jewelry.

Kate said...

I don't even have a bedside table. My alarm clock is on the floor next to my bed because when it was on my dresser I got tired of having to get out of bed to hit the snooze. I aspire to one day have a bedside table. :-)

randi said...

i am reading almost moon by alice sebold. don't like it much so far and i might set it aside soon. :)

sara said...

Carmen, I miss your perfume!

Kate, I feel you!!! Hopefully in about a month you will be in a bigger bedroom with plenty of space for whatever new pieces you want!

Randi, I have a horrible habit of putting a book aside if I'm not completely in love with it. I think with Alice Sebold's Lucky, it took be two years just to get through the first chapter!