Weekend trip

Is there anything more lovely and meaningful than an infant baptism? Saturday evening, my husband was blessed with becoming a Godfather to a sweet six-week-old baby girl. Such an honor for him to be given this incredible role in the life of our dear friends' daughter.

We made a quick trip over the weekend to my husband's home town of Owensboro for some time with Addie's Papaw and of course, for the Christening. Isn't time with the grandparents an adventure? Addie gets all the attention she wants, and then some. Curt's dad is just in love with his Addie and thus, Little Miss gets spoiled quite rotten in his company. While it gives us parents a bit of a sigh of relief in not having to exclusively entertain our babe, the days following a visit prove to be (ahem) interesting.

Addie's attitude turns to one that exclaims, "What do you mean, 'NO!' Papaw lets me do it!" A visit with my parents is no better and in fact, it's usually worse at their house because there are frequently more people around. When someone gets tired of playing, another person just rotates in. Constant attention for the only grandchild on either side of the family. Then it's back home with just Mommy all day and Addie's ugly reality of needing to occasionally occupy herself sinks in.

Even though the detox is slightly and at times painfully rough, it's always worth it to see Addie's bond grow with our families. It's magical to see our parents' eyes light up when they see our girl and the way she craves every second with them.

The next few days might have a few more time outs and stern looks than usual. Mommy might need an extra glass of pretend wine in the evenings. That's OK. Because really what it comes down to, is our Addie is oh so loved. Yes, she is loved.


Adele said...

Yes, I agree... the bond is so worth the inconveniences. I know just what you mean about grandparents spoiling their little sweeties. :-)

sara said...

It's so fun to watch but all the while a tiny little part of me cringes with every treat and granted wish. But it does make me look forward to the day I get to do that for Addie's babies! Won't that be fun!